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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Top Hollywood Moneymakers

Will Smith and Cameron Diaz are some of the few who are top Hollywood Moneymakers in 2007. Some of them are Leonardo Dicaprio, Johnny Depp, Eddie Murphy, Jennifer Aniston and Keira Knightley. Will Smith earned $80 Million making him the number one Hollywood Moneymaker last year according to Forbes magazine. His Handcock is a runaway box-office. Second place went to Johnny Depp with $72 Million paycheck. Leonardo Dicaprio made the fifth place with $55 Million. Where is my favorite Nicole Kidman?

In female category Cameron Diaz who is not affected by the economic crisis earned $50 Million with her film Shrek and What happens in Vegas. These are the Top Hollywood Moneymakers and while they earned those millions let us not forget that Oprah still own the bank with $275 Million last year.

Here are the Hollywood Richest Stars in 2011

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Love Danielle Steel

I love Romance Novel like the books of Danielle Steel because they are well written and they are full of hope. I judged any fiction books base on its message and how it will inspire us to do more. Danielle Steel's Books are easy to understand and full of message even they are written with different settings like during World War II or present time setting. Fiction book writer is I think the best writer than those who wrote technical books or historian because fiction is the product of good imagination rather than a compilation from different books which the author of the non-fiction books did as their references. Her name is synonymous to romance novel.

Danielle Steel has sold more than 570 million of her books. She authored 75 books already as of today and 16 of them are bestsellers. She even rank in the Guinness Book of records as at least having a book in the TIMES list for 390 consecutive weeks. Although Danielle Steel is famous she hates to be in the lime lights and prefer to be alone writing her next novel using her 1945 Olympia typewriter. She would loved as what Greta Garbo said "leave me alone". She is very rich and in fact active in charity works like providing shelter in homeless people in San Francisco that is why I love Danielle Steel too like other people who benefited in her charity works.

She wrote also about the tragic death of her son Nick Traina who suffered a depression and lead to his suicide at the age of 19. Danielle Steel said that she prefer to be an observer rather than the one who is in focus. Asked why she has to appear in an interview? She said because she wants people to know that she is still young and not a 100 years old. When asked also about criticism, she just simply said that she don't read newspaper and most of the time she stayed at home writing books. She said that some critics not only criticized books but also the writer which hurts her so much.

Another thing also about her is that even if she started writing at the age of 19, she still feel afraid of not finishing her novel or it might as well not do good when they are released. She was a product of divorce parents. About the title of her books, she just based them on a situation like when she meet a friend who was left by his wife so she called the novel as "Daddy". She is considered as the best selling writer after the bible. Everybody loves Danielle Steel. How about you, do you love Danielle Steel?

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Britney Spears and Madonna join forces

Madonna is busy these days for her up coming concert while Britney is starting to do good for her come back career. Lately there was a news that Britney will appear virtually in Madonna's concert, her source said but there was no further information to what degree will Britney collaborate to her concert except that she will make some video that will be feature in Madonna's concert. I hope this will be the starting point of Britney's career to zoom again.

Madonna will have a tour and the name is "Sticky and Sweet". There was a rumor lately that Madonna and her husband Guy Richie are going to divorce. The divorce of Alex Rodriguez to his wife was also blamed to Madonna for introducing him the Kabbalah but Madonna denied her involvement and that she has nothing to do with Alex and he is free to choose which belief he will study. Madonna and Britney one and only collaboration before this was the music "Me against the Music" in 2003. Both singers stirred up a controversy when they both open mouth kissed at MTV music award.

According to news Madonna who is 49 will kick off her tour in August 23 starting in Whales and some big cities in Europe before jumping in USA in October. She will also have a concert in Mexico City in November. When is she going to do a concert in the Philippines? I am just thinking.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Donald Trump Sold his Mansion for $100 Million

Donald Trump the Real Estate Mogul sold his mansion for $100 Million. Why did he sells his mansion? Is he running out of cash? Well as we all knew he is a Multi-billionaire and at the same time a celebrity who made the "The Apprentice" a household name. Donald Trump is also the owner of Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA. A few days ago Miss Venezuela won the Miss Universe Pageant making the country the most successful in beauty pageant history.

Donald Trump bought the mansion in Palm Beach, Florida 2004 and it cost him $41 Millions. After four years he sells it for $100 million, what a wise real state developer? He is known to be good in real estate development that he is very famous when real estate is the topic. Donald Trump experienced real estate turmoil in the early 90's but he was able to stand up again and became a billionaire today.

Russian fertilizer billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev bought the beautiful mansion overlooking the ocean. Donald Trump fixed it after he bought the property. He assigned Kendra Todd, an Apprentice winner to remodel the place with 24 carat gold fixtures and even used it in the bathroom. The mansion is called Maison de L'Amitie and Donald Trump said that it is a great landmark for the area.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Madonna's true love is herself

Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone released his new book about his sister Madonna. He said that although Madonna loved her husband Director Guy Ritchie too much she loved herself and her career more than him. Madonna’s brother used to help her in her previous show or concert like the “Girly Show” and her film as an artist director in “Truth or Dare”. Christopher said that he hoped that Madonna will be changed by Kaballah’s lesson that she is into and would think that she is not the center of the Universe.

The title of the memoir is “Life with my sister Madonna”. The book will be released next Tuesday but anyone can purchase in advance through The Associate Press. The book has 342 pages. The release of the book is timely because of Alex Rodriguez divorce to his wife allegedly cause by Madonna who introduce Kabbalah to him. I am wondering what the Kabbalah has that it cause trouble and break-up to the famous baseball player to his wife. Madonna denied that accusation and said that she has nothing to do to the state of his marriage and also what spiritual path he wants to choose to study.

Her brother said that the Madonna and her husband loved each other despite the rumor spread that they are headed to divorce. Christopher said that he and Madonna are not that close lately anymore compared to their early years in the 90’s. There was no comment from Madonna yet with regards to this news. Christopher even includes in the book about Madonna’s ex-lovers like Sean Penn and Warren Beatty who puzzled him and he thought to be like a gay. He also include about the guy who lost Madonna’s virginity.

Lately there is a project that Madonna and Britney Spears are collaborating. It was remembered that they did it before and caused a stir when they kissed each other during a music awards. Oops she did it again was one of Britney Spears early music hits.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt welcome their son and daughter

When Angelina Jolie gave birth to the twin, Brad Pitt was in her side while they were in France. She went to cesarean for babies health reason.

"The babies are doing well. The operation went just perfectly," Dr. Michel Sussmann told PEOPLE Sunday. "Angelina is in very good spirits. Brad Pitt was at her side. He was there and all was well." -

The twins are fifth and sixth of Jolie who is 33 while Pitt is 44. The father of Angelina was also very happy upon learning that his famous grandchildren are born safe and very health that weights 5.03 lbs for Knox and 5 lbs Vivienne. Jon Voight is indeed very happy. The couple have many adopted children since they are active in charity works aside from doing many box office films.

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Angelina Jolie gives birth

At last Angelina Jolie gives birth to twin. They are a girl and a boy and according to the doctor she and her twins are all well. Brad Pitt was very happy when he learned that she already delivered the babies. By the she gives birth in France at around 8 PM and by Cesarean section. Right ow the babies are named as Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline. The boy weight more that 5 pounds while the girl is just 5 pounds. according to the report Brad Pitt was very happy and so with Angelina Jolie.

The other children have not yet see their new born siblings. Angelina will stay in the hospital for a few days in order to rest. The name of the baby girl may have been taken from Angelina's mother who died last year after battling with cancer for 7 1/2 years. Paparazzi was not able to disturb them. The first picture of their babies are expected to fetch for million of dollars.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Heath Ledger will win according to Michael Caine

Heath Ledger died last January but he might be nominated in his last performance as Joker. Like James Dean after he died in a car crashed in the 50's, he received a postmortem nomination in the film "Giant" with Elizabeth Taylor. Michael Caine, an award winning actor said that there is a big chance that his costars in the film "Dark Knight". He said that Heath Ledger gave a very excellent performance in the film and other people agreed.

Meanwhile Heath Ledger will be honored in his hometown as the name of the theater will be name after him. The theater in Perth, Australia will cost $87 Million with 575 seats. It will become a new Landmark in such place as it is name to one of its sons. Western Australia premier said that it is just appropriate because Ledger was very supportive to young people who wants to be an actor like him. His dad Kim Ledger was surprised with honor.

Heath Ledger will also receive a tribute to his last film "Dark Knight" and there is a big buzz about his possible nomination in such film. I think wherever he is right now, Heath will be happy right Jake Gyllenhaal? By the way Jake's sister will be in the film too together with Morgan Freeman and Christian Bale

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Prince Harry charity works

It seems to me that Prince Harry is following his mother footsteps. Princess Diana was known for being generous and very kind to less fortunate people around the world. She was and still is the Queen of Heart. Her youngest son is doing a charitable cause in Lesotho, Africa by building a school for poor and disabled children. He said that his mother will be happy of what he is doing. Although this prince is known to have a hot temper when he bullied with other people outside the nightclub recently.

He went to Afghanistan lately as an army to fulfill his duty. He sweat himself helping in building the school saying that a patron should get involve. He continues to do what his mother had started as a legacy. I hope anyone who has extra money should get involve in helping the poor. A few help when made by many becomes enormous.

This prince is third in line to the British Throne after his father Charles and older brother Prince William.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Drew Barrymore and her boyfriend Justin Long split

Famous Drew Barrymore and her boyfriend Justin Long split according to her representative. There was no further details about the break-up. Drew is one of the main actress in Charles Angel Movie together with Lucy Lieu and Cameron Diaz. Both Long and Barrymore met last August and they became very close to each other that they even appear both in Oprah show and that Long praise Drew for being nice and passionate. He was there when she celebrate her birthday with Cameron.

Drew appeared in the film "I.T." in early 80's and she is known to be a spoiled brat from a famous actors family starting from her grandparents in Hollywood. She portrayed "Poison Ivy" in the same title. Drew Barrymore has gone a long way. She was even chosen as one of the most beautiful actress last year. A shelf confessed drug user at early age. Though is known to be as spoiled brat, I like her very much because of her unique beauty.

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