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Friday, October 23, 2015

Sharon Cuneta reconciles with Piolo Pascual

MANILA - All's well that ends well.

 Sharon Cuneta on Thursday night took to Facebook to share her feelings about her reconciliation with Piolo Pascual, whom she had a shaky relationship after the actor broke up with her daughter KC Concepcion.
 "I was in my wheelchair amongst friends and I didn't see him (Pascual) coming," wrote Cuneta.

"He hugged me tight and when I looked at his face, I hugged him back so tight.

" The 49-year-old Cuneta, who has admitted to have said words against Pascual, went on to describe him as someone she had hurt and a "son" that she will continue to love.
Sharon and Piolo

"I know your apology was sincere.

Please know that mine was, too.

I think of your mama and feel very badly about how she must have felt, because she too, is a mother like me," she continued.

 "I am sorry that you and my baby had to end your relationship, and I am sorry for how very publicly I made my emotions known."

"For what it's worth, I was not that kind of person.

Was not, am not, and hopefully never will be.

I believe you know that in your heart," she added.

 Cuneta concluded the note by uploading a photo of her and Pascual -- one wherein the two shared an embrace and another where she gave the actor a kiss on his cheek.

 "Thank you, Lord Jesus for forgiveness, restored friendships, and love.

Most of all, thank you that my Kristina (Concepcion) is fine now and happy. And thank you, dear Piolo, that I can still call you my son no matter what.

God bless you. Love you!"

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