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Monday, February 7, 2011

John Manalo will court Kathryn Bernardo

John Manalo was blushed when he was asked about Kathryn Bernardo who is playing Mara in "Mara Clara". He said that he likes Kathryn very much and plan to court her when the time comes. John Manalo is just 15 years old while Kathryn is 14 years old. John Manalo said that he will court Kathryn after three years because he promised to his mom that he will court a girl until he turn 18 years old.

John Manalo is the nephew of Jericho Rosales. John Manalo said that he has a crush with Bernardo since they were part in "Going Bulilit".Bernardo in the other hand was shocked because she thought that he was just joking and she felt that he is just like a brother. John said that he prefers an old-fashion way of courting because he wants to experience what his parent had experience. He said that he is a conservative time of a person.

They are both part of "Mara Clara" with Albie Casino and Julia Montes. 

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