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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Madonna's true love is herself

Madonna’s brother Christopher Ciccone released his new book about his sister Madonna. He said that although Madonna loved her husband Director Guy Ritchie too much she loved herself and her career more than him. Madonna’s brother used to help her in her previous show or concert like the “Girly Show” and her film as an artist director in “Truth or Dare”. Christopher said that he hoped that Madonna will be changed by Kaballah’s lesson that she is into and would think that she is not the center of the Universe.

The title of the memoir is “Life with my sister Madonna”. The book will be released next Tuesday but anyone can purchase in advance through The Associate Press. The book has 342 pages. The release of the book is timely because of Alex Rodriguez divorce to his wife allegedly cause by Madonna who introduce Kabbalah to him. I am wondering what the Kabbalah has that it cause trouble and break-up to the famous baseball player to his wife. Madonna denied that accusation and said that she has nothing to do to the state of his marriage and also what spiritual path he wants to choose to study.

Her brother said that the Madonna and her husband loved each other despite the rumor spread that they are headed to divorce. Christopher said that he and Madonna are not that close lately anymore compared to their early years in the 90’s. There was no comment from Madonna yet with regards to this news. Christopher even includes in the book about Madonna’s ex-lovers like Sean Penn and Warren Beatty who puzzled him and he thought to be like a gay. He also include about the guy who lost Madonna’s virginity.

Lately there is a project that Madonna and Britney Spears are collaborating. It was remembered that they did it before and caused a stir when they kissed each other during a music awards. Oops she did it again was one of Britney Spears early music hits.

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