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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dolphy Won Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor

The comedy king Dolphy won two awards in the last 35th Metro Manila Film Festival. He won in the Film "Father Jejemon" as Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor in "Rosario". This is the second time as I remember an actor won two awards in one award night. The other one was Dawn Zulueta in "Hihintayin kita sa Langit" as best actress and best supporting actress in a film that I forget with Sharon Cuneta as the lead actress.

Earlier Dolphy's film was criticized because it offended the Catholic Church but those part of his film were deleted. Dolphy said that this might be his last movie because he wants to retire. His live-in partner produced the film. Many people and critics were not happy about the results because they said that other films which are well made were ignored.

Dolphy is Rodulfo Quizon in real life. He is 82 years old and sired many children with different women.

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Ai Ai delas Alas Won Best Actress

ai ai delas alas
Ai Ai delas Alas won best actress in the last film festival. The 35th Metro Manila Film Festival is full of controversy with its winners in different Categories. Ai Ai was very happy when she received the trophy. Many people are questioning about the double win of Dolphy who said that this will be his last movie. Some say that he won because of Sympathy but I like Dolphy though because is effective in Comedy and Drama.

Dolphy's "Father Jejemon" was also into controversy because of some part which is blasphymic to Catholic Church. He won Best Actor in this film and Best Supporting Actor in "Rosario", a classic film directed by Albert Martinez. Back to Ai Ai delas Alas, she won best actress in "Tanging Ina Last na to" and even if this is a comedy film I think she deserve to win because comedy acting I think is harder than drama. If you are not good it might turn out to be overacting. I saw also most of her movies and I think is really good Congratulations to you Ai Ai!!!

Most of the people or critics would say that Filipino Movies are trash and films which are honored abroad are ignored well maybe we Filipinos have different taste than other nationalities. We want to be entertained not to cry so we tend to enjoy shallow movies lol.

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Miss India is Miss Earth 2010

Miss India Nicole Faria was proclaimed Miss Earth 2010 yesterday December 4, 2010 in Nha Trang Vietnam. She was crowned by out-going Larrisa Ramos of Brasil who was Miss Earth 2009. Miss Earth Air is Miss Ecuador, Miss Thailand was declared as Miss Earth- Water while Miss Puerto Rico is Miss Earth-Fire.
miss earth 2010

Miss Earth-Air was crowned by Sandra Siefert who was Miss Earth-air 2009. Karla Paula Henry who won Miss Earth 2008 was one of the judges. Many pageant experts were satisfied with the set of winners than other grand slam pageant results though the production was not very entertaining compared to Miss Universe but in my own openion every pageant is unique so why copy the other pageant.

Ronan Keating was the invited entertainer guess who do not know about Miss Earth. Miss Earth 2011 will still be held in Vietnam next year.

Nicole Faria is the first crowned queen from India after 10 years and a first from India to be crowned as Miss Earth.

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Miss Photogenic and Miss Friendship in Miss Earth 2010

miss thailand
Yesterday the Miss Photogenic and Miss Friendship were announced and the winner for Miss Photogenic is Miss Thailand. Thailand Captured both Miss Earth 2010 and Miss Universe 2010 Miss Photogenic award. Thailand voted Miss Photogenic Online and many people are saying that Thai people supported their delegates too much. Isn't she lovely? Some said that Miss India or Miss Vietnam should win this award. Anyway congratulation to Miss Thailand.

Miss Congeniality is Miss Guatemala.

These awards have no bearing who will be the top 15 or 14 tomorrow. The judges had chosen their favorites already based on interview and appearance without make-up. Miss Earth 2011 will happen in Manila, Philippines.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Miss Earth 2010 Is on December 04

Miss Earth 2010
Miss Earth 2010 final will be on December 4, 2010 in Vinpearl Resort, Nha Trang, Vietnam. Miss Ecuador is one of the favorite to win along with Miss India Nicole Faria, Miss Venezuela, Miss Vietnam and Miss Australia. Who you think will win guys? Do you think the winner will come from these ladies. Miss earth is sometimes unpredictable too.

Winners of special awards are:
Best in Talent is Miss India
Best in Swimsuit is Miss Vietnam
Best in Gown is Miss Ecuador
Miss Photogenic and Miss Congeniality are not yet announce.

Most of the expert said that Miss Photogenic should be awarded to Miss India but if Miss Philippines, Miss Thailand and Miss Vietnam win then it is because these ladies have strong followers.

The outgoing Miss Earth 2009 Larissa Ramos will crown the new queen.

Watch the Miss Earth 2010 and enjoy the show.

Miss Earth is now very popular and gain lots of followers because they choose the real winner base on brain and beauty. Miss earth will still be in Vietnam next years because the host signed an agreement to Miss Earth Organization that they will host the event in odd number up to 2020.

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