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Monday, March 31, 2008

Britney Spears as guess in "How I met your mother"

We all knew that the media has done wrong with Britney as she was always featured in the newspapers and television riding the ambulance and all those sad moments in her life but may I ask if they will also help her rebuild her career when she is welling or will decide to clean herself? This is a big question! But I think as what happened the media has done a huge promotion with this guess appearance in fact the show as watched by more than 10.6 million.

I am not a big fan of Britney but for God sake, let us help her. Madonna yesterday was serious when she comments about this pop princes. She said that we should support her and leave her alone. I think we should not choke her to death. Madonna's daughter was also worried about Britney though she did not have met Britney personally. Madonna plan to stay in USA this summer and if plan push through will have a world tour concert this coming fall.

Britney's role is a dim and manipulated receptionist in "How I met your Mother" has increased the viewers and I think this is a positive sign for her. Ferguson said that Britney needs help not a spoofing which does not help. "She is a vulnerable person that need helps. Stop attacking her", he said.

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