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Monday, September 29, 2008

Heath Ledger's Money goes to Matilda

heath ledger and matilda
heath ledger and matilda
Every penny of Heath Ledger's fortune will goes to his two years old daughter Matilda Rose. This is revealed by Kim, Heath Ledger's father. Though two years before Matilda was born, Heath sign a documents leaving his fortune to his parent and siblings. As expected Michelle Williams file a claim because of her daughter to Heath Ledger.

Mark Dyson the accountant who execute the process could not reveal how much Matilda will inherit but it is sure to be millions. The Brokeback Mountain actor died on January 22, 2008 in his apartment in New York due to pills overdose. For the main time the lawyers in behalf of the two years old Matilda sued the ReliaStar Life Insurance Company for not paying the insurance promptly and prying the death of Ledger who want to do more investigation whether Heath Ledger died accidentally or he committed suicide.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Heath Ledger will win according to Michael Caine

Heath Ledger died last January but he might be nominated in his last performance as Joker. Like James Dean after he died in a car crashed in the 50's, he received a postmortem nomination in the film "Giant" with Elizabeth Taylor. Michael Caine, an award winning actor said that there is a big chance that his costars in the film "Dark Knight". He said that Heath Ledger gave a very excellent performance in the film and other people agreed.

Meanwhile Heath Ledger will be honored in his hometown as the name of the theater will be name after him. The theater in Perth, Australia will cost $87 Million with 575 seats. It will become a new Landmark in such place as it is name to one of its sons. Western Australia premier said that it is just appropriate because Ledger was very supportive to young people who wants to be an actor like him. His dad Kim Ledger was surprised with honor.

Heath Ledger will also receive a tribute to his last film "Dark Knight" and there is a big buzz about his possible nomination in such film. I think wherever he is right now, Heath will be happy right Jake Gyllenhaal? By the way Jake's sister will be in the film too together with Morgan Freeman and Christian Bale

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Heath Ledger 29th Birthday

health ledger birthday
Health Ledger is remembered this Friday as his birthday. He is supposed to be 29 if he did not die last January of accidental drug overdose. Many people still gripped after he passed away. What a big lost to the industry.

Kate Mara said that it was an honor to work with Ledger and he will be missed around. She costar with him in Brokeback Mountain as his older daughter. "I think he affected people that he'd not met before" she said. While in Australia there was no special for him like what the Ledger family. They considered it as a private affair. They kept a low profile and there was no mentioned in the News Paper.

Until now many friends of Ledger could not accept that he passed away because of overdose. Michelle Williams together with their daughter Matilda is keeping a low profile while Williams is having a busy shooting in Boston in the film "Shutter Island".

Meanwhile the investigation result will take more than three weeks before they could release the result as they still asked many questions to the doctors.

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Health Ledger May have fathered a love child

After several months of his death, Heath Ledger news is still alive and one of them is that he may have a child back in Australia when he was just 17. The news said that he had dated a 25 years old woman who, according to report was pregnant but she was married at that time too so it might not clear whether that child was Heath child after all, Hadyn his estranged uncle said.

The actor has a child name Matilda whose mother is Michelle Williams, his wife in the film "Brokeback Mountain" with Jake Gyllenhaal. There was also a problem about his Estate which his father is the manager as his uncle object because Heath father has a history of mismanaging their father who has a $2 million estate and went bankrupt. Another thing is that the heirs to Heath Estate are his siblings and parent since he did not change it to his daughter. But his father promised to look after the welfare of Matilda and to make it sure that she will benefit what Heath Ledger has left when he died las January at the age of 28.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger Friendship

Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger
Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake was so hurt about the untimely death of his best friend, Heath Ledger. He was shooting in New Mexico when the news broke. He left the set and fly back to Los Angeles, they became very close after their torrid action in "Brokeback Mountain" movie which about a love story between a ranch owner played by Ledger and a cowboy played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Jake was so devastated when he learned the news. He is the godfather of Matilda, the two years old daughter of Heath from his girlfriend in the movie that they made.

In the set Jake was there but his spirit is not around. He was the most affected person to what happened to Heath.

The 27-year-old's somber mood is a sharp contrast to the happier times on the set of Brothers. During one intense early prison scene, Gyllenhaal jokingly reached into his pocket and took out a picture of his Brokeback beau to stick on the prison wall. "Like those prisoners put [loved ones] on the wall, but Jake's was Heath Ledger," one set source recalls. "That was hilarious. It was a nice moment."

The movie earned both Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger a nomination in Oscar but the movie which was nominated as best picture did not win instead "Crash" grabbed the award, a story about racial discrimination in modern Los Angeles City played by Sandra Bullock and Matt Dillon.

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