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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sash Factor Beauty Pageant Website

There are many forums and websites about beauty pageants nowadays. Most of these forums are owned by individuals who are beauty pageant enthusiast. I visited lots of them and to be honest I don't like some of these pageant forums because there are lots of bashing and character assassination. Most of us are visiting forums to enjoy, learn and share our ideas not to di-humanize anyone especially the candidates. It is not easy to be a candidate wherein you have to show your body to many people and be confident.
Sash Factor

Some forum tolerates bashing so that they will earn money from sponsors like google adsense. Is it worth to bash people or a certain national by calling them stinky so that your site will generate traffics to earn money? I am not a fan of bashing but I learned to do it in order to survive in a forum wherein you have to bash in order to survive. I had enough! Lately I found a beauty pageant where I could share my ideas without any fear that I will be punished because I am not a member of a certain elite group. Sash Factor is very different from those forum. This forum is well manage by admin and some moderator. I can breathe in this forum.

I am not paid to write about this forum but I blog about it to encourage beauty pageant lovers that this forum is very informative and they are actually the first source of information which is always copied by a forum who claimed to be number one. The funny thing is that they don't bother to rewrite the articles and sometimes not removing the watermarks. If you want first hand information visit Sash Factor, they are very friendly and a fast rising beauty pageant forum.

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