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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Britney Spears and Madonna join forces

Madonna is busy these days for her up coming concert while Britney is starting to do good for her come back career. Lately there was a news that Britney will appear virtually in Madonna's concert, her source said but there was no further information to what degree will Britney collaborate to her concert except that she will make some video that will be feature in Madonna's concert. I hope this will be the starting point of Britney's career to zoom again.

Madonna will have a tour and the name is "Sticky and Sweet". There was a rumor lately that Madonna and her husband Guy Richie are going to divorce. The divorce of Alex Rodriguez to his wife was also blamed to Madonna for introducing him the Kabbalah but Madonna denied her involvement and that she has nothing to do with Alex and he is free to choose which belief he will study. Madonna and Britney one and only collaboration before this was the music "Me against the Music" in 2003. Both singers stirred up a controversy when they both open mouth kissed at MTV music award.

According to news Madonna who is 49 will kick off her tour in August 23 starting in Whales and some big cities in Europe before jumping in USA in October. She will also have a concert in Mexico City in November. When is she going to do a concert in the Philippines? I am just thinking.

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