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Saturday, October 12, 2013

What are the things that want people to spend their money on

Why do you want to be wealthy? This is a question with so many answers. In my case I want to have financial freedom or security. I think many of you have your own reasons like you want to travel, buy expensive car or you want your children to study in an exclusive school.

Here are the ten common reasons why we want tons of money:

1.0 Security A home of your own and enough money in the bank to support you in the way you want, plus a bit in hand for emergencies, and big enough pension to ensure a comfortable retirement.

2.0 Comfort A warm and spacious house, a big car, someone to clean or mow the lawns or do the laundry or mind the kids good quality medical care whenever you want it.

3.0 Luxuries Exotic holidays, fine wines, meals in top class restaurants, expensive clothes, the best seats at sports events or opera or whatever you enjoy.

4.0 Mobility First-class train seats and plane tickets, trips on cruise ships, chauffeur-driven cars wherever you are in the world.

5.0 Status Prestigious invitations, access to important people and exclusive clubs, and perhaps even gratifying deference from others.

6.0 Influence As generous donor of substantial sums, you can make sure that your views and wishes are listened to and taken seriously.

7.0 Freedom Not being dependent on employers, bosses, creditors, client, customers. Not being slave to calendar, diary, or clock. Knowing you won't have to be burden on your children.

8.0 Leisure Time to do things you want, go where you want, meet who you want, went you want.

9.0 Popularity Being able to entertain friends , acquaintances and contacts frequently and generously does wonder to your social life.

10.0 Philanthropy Being able to make regular and substantial donations give you the satisfaction of helping people, supporting organizations and furthering cause you believe in.

Now you know why we want tons of money, why we want to be wealthy. But as of this post we do not know why some people became rich while majority of us are still poor. We need to observe the rich, their attitude and how they treat money that made them rich. I am sure they have some secret why they became rich that we don't know. 

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