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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Love Danielle Steel

I love Romance Novel like the books of Danielle Steel because they are well written and they are full of hope. I judged any fiction books base on its message and how it will inspire us to do more. Danielle Steel's Books are easy to understand and full of message even they are written with different settings like during World War II or present time setting. Fiction book writer is I think the best writer than those who wrote technical books or historian because fiction is the product of good imagination rather than a compilation from different books which the author of the non-fiction books did as their references. Her name is synonymous to romance novel.

Danielle Steel has sold more than 570 million of her books. She authored 75 books already as of today and 16 of them are bestsellers. She even rank in the Guinness Book of records as at least having a book in the TIMES list for 390 consecutive weeks. Although Danielle Steel is famous she hates to be in the lime lights and prefer to be alone writing her next novel using her 1945 Olympia typewriter. She would loved as what Greta Garbo said "leave me alone". She is very rich and in fact active in charity works like providing shelter in homeless people in San Francisco that is why I love Danielle Steel too like other people who benefited in her charity works.

She wrote also about the tragic death of her son Nick Traina who suffered a depression and lead to his suicide at the age of 19. Danielle Steel said that she prefer to be an observer rather than the one who is in focus. Asked why she has to appear in an interview? She said because she wants people to know that she is still young and not a 100 years old. When asked also about criticism, she just simply said that she don't read newspaper and most of the time she stayed at home writing books. She said that some critics not only criticized books but also the writer which hurts her so much.

Another thing also about her is that even if she started writing at the age of 19, she still feel afraid of not finishing her novel or it might as well not do good when they are released. She was a product of divorce parents. About the title of her books, she just based them on a situation like when she meet a friend who was left by his wife so she called the novel as "Daddy". She is considered as the best selling writer after the bible. Everybody loves Danielle Steel. How about you, do you love Danielle Steel?

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Kelly said...

I'm always amazed by how many she puts out in a year. I have read some, but my mom has all her books. What is funny, and great, is that she has a book come out just in time for Mother's Day, my mom's birthday and for Christmas. Easy present!

Jesslyn said...

I luv reading her books.the 1st book i read was "the House"and after reading that, i wantd to read more.i keep lookin for her books at the local far i have read more than 5 of her books.i just hope i get to read all of them.

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