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Friday, November 13, 2015

First Lady Michelle Obama is not coming to Philippines

The APEC will be help in the Philippines next week and this will gather all the leaders from Asia and Pacific Rim. Earlier President Vladimir Putin and Indonisia's President Wydodo said that they could not come. Now among the first ladies, Mrs. Obama is not coming but we don't know the reason why she is not coming.

Philippines has negotiate 14 nearby hotels to accommodate the entire delegates including their families who will accompany them next week. Kris Aquino and her sisters will be there to welcome the visitors and tour them in Intramuros.
Michelle Obama

Ambassador Marciano Paynor Jr., director-general of the APEC 2015 National Organizing Committee, said "a good number" of the spouses of the leaders of APEC member-economies have already confirmed that they will be coming to the Philippines next week.

 He said presidential sisters Kris Aquino, Ballsy Aquino-Cruz, Pinky Aquino-Abellada and Viel Aquino-Dee will host a special luncheon on November 19 for the spouses of the leaders.

 "The presidential sisters...are bringing the guests to Intramuros for them to have a feel of what the Philippines was before and how it has evolved," he told ANC's Headstart.

"Michelle Obama we understand unfortunately will not be coming...Not all but a good number (of the spouses) have (confirmed)."

 Kris earlier said first ladies from Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Colombia have confirmed their attendance to the APEC luncheon that she and her sisters are organizing. [CONFIRMED:]

 She also took to Instagram to thank Derek Ramsay, Ogie Alcasid, Matteo Guidicelli, Angeline Quinto and Erik Santos for agreeing to be part of the APEC luncheon for the visiting first ladies. 

Paynor said the Philippine government was able to clear 26 parking spaces for the planes of the APEC leaders.

 He said many of the leaders will be bringing in large delegations, which means they will occupy entire hotels.

 "We were able to squeeze all of them in 14 hotels," he said. He added that many of the leaders wanted to stay as close as possible to the venue.

Vice President Jejomar Binay will also have a role during the APEC summit, by welcoming state guests from Chile and Mexico.

 Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada will have no formal participation in the event but was given an invite to the gala dinner.

 Security of the APEC summit remains the biggest challenge for the Philippine government, Paynor said. "On the whole it is the country's responsibility, individually and collectively, to ensure that all of these guests, including the foreign ministers and trade ministers and members of their family up to the last delegate, that they will come here and do their job and leave safe.

All of us will have to be collectively responsible." "It is not just about issues but us, as a country, as a people. How do we show ourselves as hosts? We invite them and then embarrass them or insult them? For me, it is not proper," he added.

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