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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Miss Venezuela is Miss International 2015

Miss International 2015 was concluded yesterday and the winner is Miss Venezuela Edymar Martinez. Miss Honduras was named first runner-up. For the first time, a black from Africa was able to penetrate as second runner-up. As we could remember Tunisia almost won by placing first runners-up before. Third runners-up is Miss Vietnam. This is the highest placement for Vietnam in Miss International since they joined the said pageant. The fourth place is Miss USA.

Miss Philippines is in the top ten together with Mexico, Thailand, Brazil and UK. Miss Philippines also won a minor award as Best Dresser. No Miss Congeniality this year. Miss Japan is Best in National Costume. They also award the best candidate in each region like Miss International Asia which was won by Miss Korea and so on.
Edymar Martinez

Miss Venezuela was seen as leading the pack since day one so most of the aficionados are happy except for some bitter fans who claimed that their favorite was robbed. She also won as best in swimwear. Many claimed that she got a nose job. Miss Honduras was really beautiful in my own observation. Actually the top ten are all gorgeous and anyone of them can be crowned as the winner. This is the 7th crown for Venezuela who is known to be the powerhouse of beauty pageants. Philippines has five crown.

Miss Philippines was so emotional during her speech that many fans said that it cost her the crown. Some said that she should have composed herself or she should have grace under pressure.

Overall as expected, the show was very long and boring. Anyway, it is the Miss International trademark but at least they crowned the most beautiful girl.

By the way they used the old version of the crown in the 80's and 90's which has no horses lol.

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Anonymous said...

robbed not rubbed

Angelo Rubio said...

Thanks for the correction. I was in a hurry to post and forget to proof read.

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