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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia: The Sand of Times

This is late post about Prince of Persia but I just want to write because I like Jake Gyllenhaal very much. I saw him first in "The day after tomorrow" as Dennis Quaid genius son. He was still very young then and I like his innocent face. I appreciate him very much in his challenging rule in "Brokeback Mountain" with Heath Ledger too but Ledger passed away so soon.

What I like about Jake is his eyes. They communicate even before he speak. I really want to see this "Prince of Persia" which is rename as "Dagger" in the Philippines but I could find a good copy in the Net. The movie is based on the popular computer game so I think the computer game enthusiast will love this.

This movie was shot in Morocco with 120 temperature while some part is in England. The budget of the film is $150 million and was premier on May 28, 2010. Jake laeding lady is the beautiful Gemma Alterton. By the way Jake Gyllenhaal did a lot of exercise to have a beautiful abs here and you can see his bulging muscles pack.

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