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Friday, March 21, 2008

Why I write about Hollywood News?

Hello everyone,
This is my new blog and I chose showbiz news topic because I like watching films especially if it is from Hollywood. I like gossip and life of our actors because they inspire anyone out there and look at them as their role model and inspiration. I am an avid fun of these people and I am happy to write about their daily life and anything about them. Lately, news about Britney Spears are spreading like wild fire that she is considered a news maker queen. Madonna is still very popular and still alive and kicking. Michael Jackson saved his Neverland whom he developed like a circus and plays for kids to play, inspired by Peter Pan story.

Lot more to come and I know you will enjoy as I will give you the latest news about them and of course when there are good news there are also scandals that will make them more controversial.

Stay tune to this blog and we will hit the road.

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