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Monday, March 24, 2008

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt give $8 Million to Charity

I like Angelina so much because aside from the fact that she is good actress, I meant she acts very well and she is also sexy, va vavoom actress right now. After Bob Thornton she eloped with Brad Pitt who was married to Jennifer Aniston, an actress in the TV show "Friends". Well that is life in the showbiz world, exchanging partner. Maybe they modeled the well known Elizabeth Taylor who married 9 times? But at least she married them than doing an extra marital affairs right? One of her husbands used to depend her.

I think it is just right to find another woman if your wife could not give you a child. With the look like Brad Pitt, I think it is a waste to grow old without a child to replace you when you are gone. Angelina on the other hand is known for charity works; in fact she is an ambassador to United Nations and has entertained the troupes in Iraq. Most of the rich people are doing charity works or giving money to exempt tax and I think that is what these two are doing. But in fairness they are good and a trend setters because they adopted poor children from third world countries that might had inspired Madonna to adopt a black poor child from Malawi that create a controversy last year. If only the rich will do that I think many hungry people will not die starving.

The couple contributed $8 Million last 2006 to different charity institution. They are not only good looking couple but with a heart to the poor.

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