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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Heath Ledger will win according to Michael Caine

Heath Ledger died last January but he might be nominated in his last performance as Joker. Like James Dean after he died in a car crashed in the 50's, he received a postmortem nomination in the film "Giant" with Elizabeth Taylor. Michael Caine, an award winning actor said that there is a big chance that his costars in the film "Dark Knight". He said that Heath Ledger gave a very excellent performance in the film and other people agreed.

Meanwhile Heath Ledger will be honored in his hometown as the name of the theater will be name after him. The theater in Perth, Australia will cost $87 Million with 575 seats. It will become a new Landmark in such place as it is name to one of its sons. Western Australia premier said that it is just appropriate because Ledger was very supportive to young people who wants to be an actor like him. His dad Kim Ledger was surprised with honor.

Heath Ledger will also receive a tribute to his last film "Dark Knight" and there is a big buzz about his possible nomination in such film. I think wherever he is right now, Heath will be happy right Jake Gyllenhaal? By the way Jake's sister will be in the film too together with Morgan Freeman and Christian Bale

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Prince Harry charity works

It seems to me that Prince Harry is following his mother footsteps. Princess Diana was known for being generous and very kind to less fortunate people around the world. She was and still is the Queen of Heart. Her youngest son is doing a charitable cause in Lesotho, Africa by building a school for poor and disabled children. He said that his mother will be happy of what he is doing. Although this prince is known to have a hot temper when he bullied with other people outside the nightclub recently.

He went to Afghanistan lately as an army to fulfill his duty. He sweat himself helping in building the school saying that a patron should get involve. He continues to do what his mother had started as a legacy. I hope anyone who has extra money should get involve in helping the poor. A few help when made by many becomes enormous.

This prince is third in line to the British Throne after his father Charles and older brother Prince William.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Drew Barrymore and her boyfriend Justin Long split

Famous Drew Barrymore and her boyfriend Justin Long split according to her representative. There was no further details about the break-up. Drew is one of the main actress in Charles Angel Movie together with Lucy Lieu and Cameron Diaz. Both Long and Barrymore met last August and they became very close to each other that they even appear both in Oprah show and that Long praise Drew for being nice and passionate. He was there when she celebrate her birthday with Cameron.

Drew appeared in the film "I.T." in early 80's and she is known to be a spoiled brat from a famous actors family starting from her grandparents in Hollywood. She portrayed "Poison Ivy" in the same title. Drew Barrymore has gone a long way. She was even chosen as one of the most beautiful actress last year. A shelf confessed drug user at early age. Though is known to be as spoiled brat, I like her very much because of her unique beauty.

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