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Friday, January 21, 2011

Sharon Cuneta is Marie France Endorser

sharon cuneta
Sharon Cuneta, the MegaStar in the Philippines is now the model of Marie France slimming salon. After so many news about her lately she accept the offer from Marie France rejecting calayaan and belo who by the way courted her for so long. I do not know what is the reason but good for her because Marie France is the one who made Dawn Zulueta sexy again before she became pregnant with her second child.

Sharon Cuneta is problematic with her obesity body that she tried many ways to loss weight but again she still back to being fat and fatter. Some of her project were dissolved because actors refused to pair with her. Take the case of Aga. Sharon even if we know one of the most successful artist in her time with lots of money afraid to try liposuction which is used by many actors today to look good. Will she be able to maintain her weight or lost more weight when right now she is endorsing Marie France? That is the big question that we will wait.

Another thing maybe is because of her new show "The Biggest Loser" which will start this year 2011. Many speculation that she did it because she want to promote her new show.

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