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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sharon Cuneta signed a P1 billion deal with ABC5

Sharon Cuneta
I read that the Megastar had signed a deal with ABC5 so if it is true then she will left ABS-CBN. According to the news she signed a five years contract with the Kapatid Channel. Did she made a right decision? Many people said that she will lost her statues as the megastar but many people also said that she lost it long time ago just like other star whose start was brightly shining. Many people also said that Sharon is balingbing.But whether it is true or not she still get the biggest salary.

Ganyan naman yang si mega palipat lipat, papalit-palit, kung san mas may pera. Teka nung 1995 sinalubong nya ang santo papa with her on a jollibee billboard, after a while sa mc doo na daw siya. Dati Globe connect daw siya, ngayon smart na daw siya. Mga ilang taon din yon ang sabi niya "walang tatalo sa alaska" pero ngayon 'laking nido na raw mga anak niya". salbakuta at di lang yan... kahit na anak niya si kc na "UN ambassador against hunger" pero tingnan nyo ang mga endorsements niya puro mga basic necessities lalo na ng mga mahihirap: gamot, gatas, pati nga instant noodles na national food na ng mga dukha pinatos nya. e sa milyon milyon na endorsement fee nya rito o di ba mga ilang sentimo na rin sanang kabawasan sa presyo yun ng produkto. parang inaagawan na niya at ng iba pang mga rich & famous endorsers ng makakain at gamot ang mga mahihirap. At itong balitang 1B contract niya natural sa ads naman babawiin yan ni mvp san pa ba e di tayo na namang mga kunsyumer ang papasan niyan and since na di naman ganun kakapal ang commercial ads ng tv5, tiyak babaha na naman dito ang ads ng mga co. ni mvp like meralco, manila water, pldt etc etc. yari na naman tayo. Eto naman ang tinatawag na "profit sharing thru advertising " ng mga companies ni mvp to tv5 at the expense of the consumers/susbcribers and some stockholders of those utility cos plus mapapababa pa nila ang ROIs ng mga ito (for govt regularatory purposes esp for meralco) while tv5 gains everything. wais...
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This is just one comment that I pasted from yahoo.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hayden Kho will not say sorry to Sharon Cuneta

Hayden Kho will not say sorry to the Mega Weight Sharon Cuneta because according to him there is no reason to say sorry to her. Hayden Kho made the Megastar irked because of his tweet about a Billboard which said that it deceived the people. Sharon Cuneta reacted that Kho was intentionally pointing her billboard. Hayden Kho denied it and that he was referring to other billboard. Sharon said that it took him 7 months to said such comment so definitely he was referring to her.

Sharon Cuneta's billboard has made a lot of noise because many people think that it is graphically altered. She swears that they did not altered the picture and that God is her witness.

He told Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP): “I don't feel that I have to say sorry to you, but if you feel that way, then I really can't do anything about it.”
Kho has already made a denial that he was referring to Cuneta’s Marie France billboard when he tweeted this: “There’s a billboard ad in EDSA developed by advertisers who think consumer are stupid. Guess.”

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sharon Cuneta Slams Hayden Kho Again over Marie France Billboard

Sharon Cuneta did not cut off any words she said about the issue regarding her Marie France Billboard in EDSA last Sunday when she was interviewed in the Buzz. She and Hayden Kho have this quarrel about the later tweet regarding the billboard in EDSA which he said the advertiser is deceiving the consumers.

Sharon Cuneta react his tweeter and said that she will not entertain people who are stupid anyway. Cuneta said that she will not deceive people with her ads because she cared about her reputation as an actress and Marie France too as the company that she endorses. In fact she said that she will not endorse product that she don’t believe. She added that by doing it both her and Marie France will lost their credibility too.

Sharon said that God is her witness she they did not altered her picture in the billboard. She said that she has a weekly show and it will be very clear if they will doctor the billboard where she showed her healthy figure and the slim one.

Here is a part of the article about her and Hayden Kho from ABS-CBN:

She added: “Napakalayo ba ng itsura ko doon sa ‘after’ picture dito sa nakikita ninyo sa TV?”

According to Cuneta, she is picky when it comes to accepting endorsements and that when she endorses a product or service, “I have to believe in it.” She said she would never deceive the public.

She said endorsers are also made “to sign something [because] there has to be truth in advertising.”She also pointed out that all her photos were done by noted photographer Raymond Isaac, who is known for his ability and honesty.

“Walang dinaya doon. Bakit? Kasi po it's a series of billboard na lalabas over the coming several months, ‘yong progress ng weight loss ko… hanggang you reach the ideal weight para makita na it's working and it's gradual,” she said.“I can assure you, and God is my witness, those pictures are not altered to make me look thinner than I was at that time,” she added.

She said she is not surprised that her detractors are making up these controversies. “Let's just say, puwedeng competitor, puwede din na isang tao with an ax to grind…. Mahirap magsalita kasi ayokong pumatol sa isang hindi kapatol patol.”

Cuneta recently lambasted former celebrity doctor Hayden Kho after he allegedly took a swipe at her billboard on Twitter. Kho is the boyfriend of Dr. Vicki Belo, owner of the Belo Medical Clinic.

The target of her fury was this statement made by Kho last January 28: “There’s a billboard ad in EDSA developed by advertisers who think consumer are stupid. Guess. ”The megastar believes that Kho was referring to her controversial Marie France billboard.

Kho has already made a denial that he was referring to Cuneta’s billboard. Kho said Cuneta’s statement was “quite a wounding tirade from someone I respect. Ironic, really. Very ironic.”
Despite the denial, Kho is not yet off the hook as far as the megastar is concerned.

On Sunday, Cuneta said she got a piece of information saying that Kho, the central figure in the 2009 sex video scandal, was referring to  the billboard of Joel Cruz of Aficionado Perfumes that came out in July 2010.

She wondered though why it took Kho 7 months to react to Cruz’s billboard. She also noted Kho’s timing. She said he made that post when rumors about plans to remove her billboard along EDSA began to circulate.

Cuneta also countered: “I don’t understand. What’s ironic is that he respects me and that I have to treat him like this? I don’t treat people in a bad way unless… I know how to protect myself. There are times na kailangang tahimik ka lang pero there are times na you have to stand and fight for yourself.”

During the interview, she also brought up the 2009 sex video scandal. Her daughter, KC Concepcion, was dragged into the scandal.

“If he respects me so much, bakit nadamay ang anak ko?” Cuneta said. “I think that time lagi niyang tinetext ang anak ko. I never said anything kasi alam ko ang totoo… although nakakainis ma-associate sa ganoong issue ang isang bata na alam mong pinalaki mo ng ubod ng disente.“

She also noted that it was “so convenient” for Kho not to name the billboard he was referring to, so that later on he could easily issue a denial when confronted.

Nonetheless, she thanked all her detractors because people are now talking about her billboard because of them. “Effective na effective ang endorsement. Parang nataranta kayong lahat ng bonggang-bonga.”

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sharon Cuneta Versus Hayden Kho over Marie France Billboard

Sharon Cuneta reacted over Hayden Kho tweet in which he said "There is a billboard Ad in EDSA develop by an advertisers who think that consumers are stupid. Guess." But later Hayden said that he did not mean it as the billboard of Sharon Cuneta. The mega star believed that Kho was referring to her ads which was criticized because it did not reflect the truth. Sharon insisted that she really lost 20 lbs and 7 inches waistline.

Sharon lambasted Kho who was in sex video scandal in 2009.

Here is what Sharon has said:

In her interview with Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP)on Wednesday, Cuneta lambasted Kho, who was the central figure in the 2009 sex video scandal.
“Kung totoo ‘yon, ang kapal ng mukha niya," she told PEP. "Tapos, mambabastos siya? As far as I'm concerned, stupid people shouldn't comment on what is stupid or not.”
"If I may add to that: Decent people are [the only] people I would like to listen to. Not those who do not know the meaning of decency. And who treat women like they're nothing! Excuse me,” the megastar added.

But Hayden Kho was quick to say that he was not referring to  Sharon Cuneta and her Marie France billboard.
“Wow. I wasn't referring to MF. I was referring to a certain L**D, that's supposed to be "LOURDES". Dahan dahan naman po, he tweeted.

Kho said Cuneta’s statement was “quite a wounding tirade from someone I respect. Ironic, really. Very ironic.” he tweeted.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Sharon Cuneta is Marie France Endorser

sharon cuneta
Sharon Cuneta, the MegaStar in the Philippines is now the model of Marie France slimming salon. After so many news about her lately she accept the offer from Marie France rejecting calayaan and belo who by the way courted her for so long. I do not know what is the reason but good for her because Marie France is the one who made Dawn Zulueta sexy again before she became pregnant with her second child.

Sharon Cuneta is problematic with her obesity body that she tried many ways to loss weight but again she still back to being fat and fatter. Some of her project were dissolved because actors refused to pair with her. Take the case of Aga. Sharon even if we know one of the most successful artist in her time with lots of money afraid to try liposuction which is used by many actors today to look good. Will she be able to maintain her weight or lost more weight when right now she is endorsing Marie France? That is the big question that we will wait.

Another thing maybe is because of her new show "The Biggest Loser" which will start this year 2011. Many speculation that she did it because she want to promote her new show.

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Sharon Cuneta Loses Weight after trying different ways

Sharon Cuneta losses weight
Is it true? Sharon Cuneta is now slimmer than before. She was interviewed lately and show her slim figure. She lost 20 pounds and 7 inches waistline. The interview looks like an intro to the show called "The Biggest Loser". It has been in the news since last year that she will host the Philippines version of "The biggest Loser". Is she doing this to make her new show more popular? Before there was this news about their quarrel of Aga although they are now friend but many people are saying that this is the way she promotes her new show in 2011.

Another news just lately is that she collapsed after doing her concert in Araneta. She was rushed to St. Luke Hospital but her husband said that she was okay and that she collapsed because she was hungry the other night because of crash diet.

Here is the news about losing her waight taken from ABS-CBN:

Mistulang eksena sa "The Biggest Loser,” ang pinakabagong reality show tungkol sa pagpapayat, ang grand entrance ng host nitong si Megastar Sharon Cuneta.

Ipinagmalaki ni Mega ang bagong hugis ng kanyang katawan.

Twenty pounds na ang nabawas sa timbang ng singer-actress at 7 inches ang natapyas sa kanyang waistline. Wala raw retoke o Photoshop ang kanyang retrato.

Sa unang pagkakataon, ibinahagi ng Megastar ang pagsubok ng bagong timbang.

Sinubukan na niya ang crash diets at liposuction.

"Parang seesaw iyong weight loss ko. Maglo-lose, magge-gain, depende sa anong nangyayari sa buhay ko at nag-midlife crisis ako. May projects, hindi matutuloy," pag-amin ng Megastar.

Rebelasyon din ang kanyang emotional eating habits.

"'Pag malungkot ka talaga kahit na uma-acting kang masaya ka, so pag-uwi 'di mo nare-realize, kain ka nang kain," ani Sharon Cuneta.

Sumubok siya ng kung anu-anong paraan kabilang ang liposuction.

Ayon sa resident psychologist ng “The Biggest Loser” na si Dr. Randy Dellosa, mas mahirap ang pakikipagsapalaran ng mga celebrities sa kanilang timbang dahil sa nakasubaybay na publiko.

"The tendecies for celebrities to go on crash diets and then to engage in mga surgical interventions... However, when they resort to that, nandoon pa rin iyong mga problems nila," ani Dellosa.

Higit sa pagpapaseksi, hangad ni Mega ang magandang kalusugan at maging inspirasyon sa iba. Marie Lozano, Patrol ng Pilipino

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sharon Cuneta was rushed to the hospital

sharon Cuneta
Sharon Cuneta was rushed to St. Luke hospital after her birthday concert. The issue is that she is over-fatigue! But some comments I read is that she is in crash diet before her birthday. Some said that she need to have a trainer for exercise to loss weight. She also need to stop smoking. I never thought that she is smoking.

She slip when she rendered a number with Billy Crawford and JR Jacinto but was able to finish her concert in Araneta Coliseum. Her husband said that right now the Megastar is okay and it was because she was exhausted and hungry the night before.

As we remember Sharon Cuneta make joke during the concert of Ai Ai delas Alas a month before about Aga Mulach which made headlines. She said that it was a joke but later said that she was hurt because Aga refused to be her leading man in any films that she want to star. The issue was perhaps she is overweight. The issue was settled later and they become friends again.

Here is the complete article from ABS-CBN:

MANILA, Philippines (2nd UPDATE) - Sharon Cuneta was rushed to a hospital after her birthday concert at the Araneta Coliseum on Tuesday night due to exhaustion, her family confirmed Wednesday.

On Twitter, Cuneta’s eldest daughter, KC Concepcion, said that her mother was brought to St. Luke’s Medical Center in Global City.

"After the show, mom felt some pain in her neck and back, and also had dizzy spells. She was brought to the ER. All is clear, exhaustion lang," she tweeted.

After the check-up, she said her mother was discharged from the hospital and arrived home past 3 a.m.

In a text message to, Cuneta's husband, Sen. Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan, also said that his wife “was just exhausted and hungry last night.”

"Sharon is ok. She was just exhausted and hungry last night as she didn't have anything to eat the whole day prior to the show," the senator said.

“She was able to rest today and is feeling much better. Doctors said she is fine," he added.


After the show, ABS-CBN reporters were ready to congratulate her backstage for having staged a successful event. The megastar, however, wasn’t able to give an interview, sparking speculations that she was suffering from overfatigue.

She went straight to her dressing room and was quickly assisted by the paramedics.

Her supporters even got worried when she had to use a wheelchair as she was escorted out of the Big Dome together with Pangilinan and other companions.

The audience witnessed how Cuneta accidentally slipped earlier during her rock and roll production number with Billy Crawford and RJ Jacinto. But afterwards she even joked about her fall and was still able to finish the concert without any other glitch.

Whether or not the fall has a contributing factor to Cuneta’s sudden illness is still unclear though. The megastar was sick last week and might have not completely recovered yet.

The eldest daughter of Sharon Cuneta is asking for prayers for her mom's speedy recovery.

"She was crying last night & bad daw talaga the pain. Pls pray na ok na sya talaga," Concepcion tweeted.

A night to remember

In the meantime, it was certainly a night to remember for Cuneta’s fans with all the spectacular production numbers. First off, the megastar sang a medley with Star Power’s 5 finalists Akiko Solon, Monica Sacay, Angeline Quinto, K-La Rivera, and Krissel Valdez.

Concepcion and Sam Milby wowed the audience next with their amazing acrobatic dance moves. Ai-Ai de las Alas’s surprise sexy dance number was also one of the highlights of the show.

A romantic rendition of Cuneta’s movie themes were also showcased by the 3 kilig love teams of Piolo Pascual and Concepcion; Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga; and Jericho Rosales and Karylle. They sang “Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin,” “Pagdating Ng Panahon,” and “Kahit Wala Ka Na,” respectively.

But perhaps, the most special of all was Cuneta’s duet with the Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo during the latter part of the show.

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