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Friday, January 21, 2011

Baron Geisler Touched Chery Pie Picache Breasts

baron geisler
Baron Geisler is now on the hot seat for touching Chery Pie Picache breasts. This is not new to Baron which was accused by many girls like the daughter of William Martinez, Julia Clarete and even Jasmin Kurdi, the culprit is the liquor. When Baron is not drunk or intoxicated he is gentleman as other leading ladies said. Some people said that this is his way so that she will be the talk of the town and he will get more offer. Whatever his intention, he should stop doing this and respect other actors.

Right now he still has a case and hearing in Bulacan regarding Jasmin Kurdi case. He maintained his innocence and said that he will not ask apology to Kurdi. Right now he apologized to Chery Pie who file case against him in PAMI which is a government for local artists in the Philippines. I hope he will enter in rehab to stop his mistakes.

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