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Friday, January 28, 2011

Baron Geisler maintains innocence when Interviewed by Boy Abunda

Baron Geisler
Baron Geisler denied that he touched Chery Pie Picache breasts when interviewed by Boy Abunda in the Buzz. It can be recall that Chery Pie Picache complained and reported Baron Geisler to the PAMI with her manager that Baron Geisler touched her breasts.

Baron was accused not only with Chery Pie Picache but by other women like Jasmin Kurdi, Julia Clarete and the daughter of William Martinez but all of these are denied by Geisler.

Here is the complete news taken from ABS-CBN:

MANILA, Philippines – Embattled actor Baron Geisler has sat down with “The Buzz” host Boy Abunda to answer all the controversies he is facing.

In the interview, Geisler vehemently denied allegations by veteran actress Cherry Pie Picache that he touched her breasts while doing a scene for television series “Noah.”
Geisler also maintained his innocence on the three other incidents of harassments leveled against him. Patricia Martinez, daughter of celebrity couple Yayo Aguila and William Martinez, charged him with unjust vexation in 2008.

Actress Yamien Kurdi also filed the same complaint in 2009.
It has also been reported that he harassed Julia Clarete, but the actress had never granted any media interview. Geisler denied harassing Clarete.

Geisler, however, admitted that he is alcoholic and that he is seeking help. “The Buzz” reported that a series of misfortunes – including his break-up with Jodi Sta. Maria – allegedly led the actor to turn to alcoholic beverages.

He also called on the public to forgive him and not to forget him when he is inside a rehabilitation facility for 3 months. He expressed to wish to revive his career when he gets out.

In light of the incident, the multi-awarded actor has been removed from "Noah."
The Professional Artist Management, Inc (PAMI), an organization of big and influential talent managers in the country, has called on its members to prohibit their talents from working with Geisler.

Below is Abunda’s interview with Geisler:
Boy Abunda - Sa lahat ng mga kasong na-involve ka, ito nga 'yong dalawang kaso mo kay Yasmien at Patricia, are you innocent?
Baron - Yes.
Boy: You are?
Baron: Yes. I have a question for you. People keep saying, 'So, sinungaling 'yong apat na babaeng yan?' Tito Boy, if you were a woman and I touched and I violated you, what would be your reaction? What would you do? Ohh, first thing you'd do, I'll sue you. What would you do?
Boy: Magagalit ako.
Baron: And then?
Boy: Sasampalin kita.
Baron: You'd make a scene, right?
Boy: It depends.
Baron: All four, no scenes. Puro diretso na i-ano ako. Why?
Boy: Okay, there are many ways of coping with abuse.
Baron: So, lahat sila pare-parehong...
Boy: What I'm trying to say is, is that what you're trying to say na lahat sila ay after thought ang pagpunta sa husgado?
Baron: I believe so. Why sa complaints nila ni wala man lang nagkaroon ng commotions? Kung totoo man, nagustuhan muna tsaka naisip na, 'Ay, nagalaw ako. Sige punta muna ako ng ano. Puwede pa lang kasuhan ito si Baron. Sige, kasuhan na natin.'
Doon ako galit. Kasi nagiging madali na lang para sa kanila na kasuhan ako o gawan ng ano... Eh, kung talagang may nangyaring ganyan, usually may pag-uusap yan eh. Hindi 'yong diretso na 'Yan si Baron, manyak.'
Boy: Why is this happening?
Baron: Because I'm an easy target. Because they think I'm drunk and stupid. I'm sorry for getting mad.
Alcohol problem
Boy: Baron, take me to that experience when you are drunk. Alam mo ba ang nangyayari, alam mo ba ang iyong ginagawa? Conscious ka ba na kapag nag-umpisa kang uminom, nababago ang iyong pagkatao?
Baron: Opo.
Boy: Ah, you are.
Baron: Kasi ang dami na pong pangyayari na nakakalimutan ko, sinasabi ng mga tao.
Boy: Naaalala mo ang mga nangyayari pag nalalasing ka?
Baron: May mga instances na black out pero depende po yan sa amount na nainom ko. Bumalik po tayo doon sa taping [ng Noah]. Noong taping na 'yon inaamin ko na uminom ako. From 3 in the afternoon hanggang 11 kasi ang call time po namin 3. So, I started, bumili po ako ng anim na can ng beer.
Boy: Baron ang tanong, was this the first time na nagreport ka sa isang set na nakainom or have you done this in the past?
Baron: I've done this.
Boy: But you are under control?
Baron: Under control. May parang masamang ugali rin ako na kailangang ayusin pag pasok ko doon sa facility na pupuntahan ko. 'Yong pagre-rebelde or parang minsan somehow nagiging parang mayabang.
On Picache's case
Boy: Itong nangyari sa inyo ni Pie, ano ba talaga ang totoo. Binastos mo ba talaga si Cherry Pie Picache.
Baron: Sa totoo lang ho, 'yong saloobin ko, nanay po siya, di ba? Kung kapamilya talaga ang turing din niya sa akin, 'yong mga bagay na ganito, kaya ako nagwala sa set after noon, kasi I apologized.
Siguro hindi na natanggap noong time na 'yon.
Boy: Pag katapos mangyari, nag-apologize ka?
Baron: Yeah. Twice. To tell you the truth, I was just doing my job. If she felt violated or offended with my actions...
Boy: Did she tell you that she was violated?
Baron: Yeah, she said.
Boy: And that's the reason you apologized?
Baron: Yeah. , she said and I apologized. Sabi ko, 'Naka-gloves po ako, wala po akong intensyon na hawakan po kayo.' Twice. In front of her. Then, I went out and... 'yon ang sinasabi nilang nagwala ako. Doon na ako nagmumura sa labas ng set.
Boy: Bakit nagmumura ka?
Baron: Kasi feeling ko na-push yong buttons ko din kasi everyone knows na may dalawa akong kaso about sexual harassment. And para sa akin talaga I didn't really intend to touch her boob. At lumalabas pa sa balita nilamas or dinakma. Paano mo gagawin sa eksena na mangdakma? Ang Sakit sa akin noon.
Boy: And nakainom ka lang, you weren't drunk?
Baron: Nakainom lang, I wasn't drunk. That is why for me ang sakit. Ang sakit but wala na akong choice.
Boy: But in spite of this, buong puso kang naga-apologize kay Pie?
Baron: Yes.
Boy: And you continue to apologize?
Baron: I feel sorry and I'm sorry if she really felt violated. I'm very sorry about that. But I will not apologize for touching her, sa taas.
Boy: Was it required by the role? Was it provided in the script that you were supposed to touch her boobs?
Baron: No, no,I didn't touch her boobs.Sorry, sorry...
(He then got up from his seat and reenacted the scene)

Baron: Nagalit po ako, bilang tao, walang plastikan, bilang tao, of course. Parang why? Were you there when it happened? Did you investigate? Did you ask the cameramen? Did you ask these people? No. But I don't care anymore. If you don't need the evidence, that's fine.
To me, right now, I don't care about yong gulo. Right now, I want to concentrate on myself, on my family, my relationships with my brothers and sisters. Kasi I think doon magsisimula sa bahay po.

Boy: Is that the reason why it was very difficult for you to apologize... very difficult for you to do the public apology, the No. 3 requirement of PAMI?
Baron: Yeah, it was very difficult for me. Kasi for me, I do not owe anyone sa labas in public to know if I'm sorry or not. Bakit hindi na lang inayos noong kami kami na lang. I think that is more human.
Boy: Hindi mo binastos si Cherry Pie?
Baron: Hindi po pero naga-apologize po ako kung naramdaman niyang na-violate po siya kasi I respect her like a mother.
Baron: PAMI is doing me a really big favor. It's a win-win situation because they are helping me to get better. After that, my career is going to get better.
Boy: Baron, I just want to get back to four cases kasi I listen to you, I hear you out. Di ba, may kasabihan tayo mga tao lang tayo... Ito ang pananaw ng iba, bakit dalawa, tatlo, apat. Can they all be wrong?
Baron: Hindi naman po. I'm not saying that they are wrong.
Boy: Or maniac? It came from you. When people say that?
Baron: Is it okay I'm getting mad. I think it's disrespectful.
Boy: No, no not disrespectful. You are expressing an honest opinion, Baron. So, when people tagged you as maniac, what does that make you?
Baron: It takes away every inch of my backbone. It ruins my bearing. And it makes me feel less of a man.
Full responsibility
Boy: Has show business been unfair to Baron?
Baron: No, Baron Geisler has been unfair to Baron Geisler.
Boy: So that means, you take full responsibility?
Baron: Yes.

Family support
Baron: I just love them (family) so much.
Boy: Yeah, like mom? What do you say to her?
Baron: Right now, everything's good. I was with her kanina, sa doctor. Sinabi nga niya sa doctor na, 'You know, I'm very happy kasi when Baron's sober. But when he drinks...' Doon talaga siya sobrang disappointed kasi when I'm okay, kunwari one month straight hindi ako umiinom, sobrang happy niyan. So whenever, I drink again, nagiging dysfunctional ang relationship namin.
Boy: You put them into so much emotional stress?
Baron: I know that that's why I'm seeking help.
Boy: Are you sorry?
Baron: Of course... but I believe that ang mga bagay na ganito, there are times na a mom would know her son very well. And she will stick with her son.
Boy: Where do you go from here?
Baron: I hope after I heal myself and I really learn from it. And choose life over the bottle and just drop it, I wish, I pray that I walk the talk and I'll leave it up to Him to take care of me.
Ang hinihiling ko lang, sama after everything, after disgrace both sa showbiz sa family, passion ko talaga ang acting, sana hindi mawala sa akin. Sana tanggapin pa din ako ng mga tao, ng industriya. At tanggapin nila ako ng buong buo sa pagbabago.
Mahal na mahal ko ang industriya.
And I want to thank you, ABS-CBN, ilang chances na ako.
Boy: I think, hindi lamang ako, but the industry sees the brilliance, the passion of Baron Geisler as an actor.
Baron: Nahihiya na nga ako, Tito Boy, nakakapalan na ako sa sarili ko. So, sa lahat ng nangyari, tama lahat ng plano ni God. Papasok ako sa rehab and siguro think things over. Where did I go wrong? What should I do to improve?
Boy: And it's going to be good for you. How long is the rehab?
Baron: Three months... I'm just thanking everybody for understanding. ABS, thank you, thank you, Tito Boy, for not judging me. And sorry, sorry talaga. I feel sorry for myself. I'll just take care of muyself and love myself some more.

Baron's prayer
Boy: If I were to listen to a prayer now, paano magdasal ang Baron Geisler?
Baron: There's this one phrase that Ate Garlic said. I was broken after the incident, I have been broken even before the incident. Pero she said something to me.But she said something to me. Sabi niya, 'God breaks you to make you.' After that, boom,bumuo na ako. And I said wala na akong pakialam. Hindi ko muna iisipin yong career o yong anong mangyayari after rehab. I'm just going to take care of myself and really get better. I'm sorry (breaks down). I've been emotional lately.

After hearing that line, I just felt whole again. Panandalian lang itong nangyayari... I'll be my greater self when I get out.
Boy: If dad is alive, what would you tell him? (Geisler's dad died in 2002)
Baron: I just miss you.
Boy: What do you want to tell to the public?
Baron: Sana mapatawad nila ako at sana huwag ninyo akong kalimutan kasi ho dito sa industriya natin mawala ka lang ng isang buwan, dalawang buwan nakakalimutan ka na. Eh ako tatlong buwan, natatakot din ako.

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