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Friday, July 3, 2009

Michael Jackson tops the Billboard Charts

Michael Jackson tops the billboard chart this week after his sudden cardiac arrest death last week. I am a fan of Michael Jackson and I do not believe that he molested children in his Neverland paradise. He occupied the top nine out of top ten in pop top catalog album chart released last Wednesday.

Michael Jackson "Number Ones" is number one top album followed by "The essential Michael Jackson" in the second spot. "Thriller" is in the third place. In the fourth place is his 1979 "Off the Wall" and in the fifth place is "Bad".

The company also said that there 2.6 digital downloads of his music up from previous 48,000 before this week. I suppose to download the music of Michael Jackson in the Internet but the site was so congested that I could not download his songs.

Michael Jackson has changed the history of music and Entertainment. May his soul rest in peace. His songs are meaningful especially the "Heal the World".


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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Michael Jackson turn 50

Michael Jackson 50 birthday
Michael Jackson the king of pop music is celebrating his 50th birthday last Friday. The singer will not have a grand party but will stay at home with a cake and cartoons. He will just watch cartoons with his kids.

Michael Jackson who is twice divorce will just stay at home during his birthday and be a good father. He said that as much as possible he wants his kids to enjoy their childhood. He do not want that they will experience what he had and did not have when he was a young. He said that that is emotional when he saw his children having a good time. He said that he was happy about what he did like recording "Thriller" and "Off the Wall" which are accepted by the public and the world. Michael Jakson is an icon in music industry.

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