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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Prince Harry charity works

It seems to me that Prince Harry is following his mother footsteps. Princess Diana was known for being generous and very kind to less fortunate people around the world. She was and still is the Queen of Heart. Her youngest son is doing a charitable cause in Lesotho, Africa by building a school for poor and disabled children. He said that his mother will be happy of what he is doing. Although this prince is known to have a hot temper when he bullied with other people outside the nightclub recently.

He went to Afghanistan lately as an army to fulfill his duty. He sweat himself helping in building the school saying that a patron should get involve. He continues to do what his mother had started as a legacy. I hope anyone who has extra money should get involve in helping the poor. A few help when made by many becomes enormous.

This prince is third in line to the British Throne after his father Charles and older brother Prince William.

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Anonymous said...

I knew that one of her sons will be as nice as her, unfortunately is is not Prince William
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