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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mariah Carey has 18 #1

I don't like Mariah Carey because I don't like her high octave voice but the good news to her avid fans is that she surpassed Elvis Presley #1 which is 17, she has 18 #1 now with the hit "Touch My Body". This is amazing because it took many years to surpass such record after Beatles which has 20 #1 hit in the Billboard top 100. Carey is now 38. We all knew about her turmoil life in the early 2000's. Though she did break a record, she said that those people or singers before her had done a good job and had changed the world for the better.

She learned her lesson well and that she encouraged anyone to work hard because as she said she is the living proof that obstacle can be overcome. She stop worrying about it.

Madonna on the other hand has surpassed Elvis Presley too in terms of top ten. She has now 37 top ten with her single "4 Minutes".

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