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Sunday, March 4, 2012

John Loyd Cruz willing to show his behind in the future

The box office king John Loyd Cruz or also known as Loydi is willing to show his butt in his future movie if the story requires it. He has a movie shown right now in the Philippines with Angel Locsin. The last time they worked together was in the telenovela called IMORTAL which was very successful too. Right now their movie earned millions of pesos.

John Loyd is a multi-award actor in the Philippines and almost all his movies were box office. Some of his partner are Bea Alonso, Sarah Geronimo and Angel Locsin.

John Loyd Cruz said that he will not go sexy just for the sake of doing it. There must be a reason to show his skin. If it is not needed in the story he will not show it. In his latest movie he showed more skin than his previous movies which speculate that he will go more daring in the future. He explained that he will only do it if it is really needed in the story. 

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