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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Barbra Streisand help raise $9 Million for Obama

Barbra Streisand raised $9 Million
Barbra Streisand and other celebrities help raise $9 Million for Democrat candidate Barack Obama who will chllenge John McCain of Republican this coming November 4, 2008. Barbra Streisand wo is a die hard Hillary Clinton supporter because Obama won for the Nomenee said that McCain choice of Sarah Palin was an insult to women who compared her to well qualified and brainy Hillary Clinton. She ssid that McCain chose Palin to encourage women to vote for him.

The party dinner will cost $28,500 for each person. About 250 to 300 were expected for the dinner and this will be followed by entertainment which Barbra is hosting and 800 were expected and which ticket would cost $2,500. Well some of the guess were Will Ferrel, Jodie Foster, Jamie Lee Curtis and Leonardo DiCaprio. Producer Steven Speilberg and David Geffen were also present.

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