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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ai Ai delas Alas feeling Great After Vacation

Lately we saw Ai Ai interviewed by Boy Abunda in the Buzz crying because according to her she was physically abused by her husband whom she married just a month. The businessman Jed Galang denied the accusation of Ai Ai delas Alas. After her month long vacation in United States Ai Ai felt relieved because of her three children. The 48 years old actress is busy with her new film with Marian Rivera which is entitled as "Kung Fu Divas". 

Here is the news from ABS-CBN about Ai Ai:
Ai Ai delas Alas

MANILA -- After enduring a tumultous first half of the year, Ai Ai delas Alas is returning from a well-spent vacation in the United States feeling "reborn."

The 48-year-old actress, who returned to Manila early this week, referred to her month-long vacation as her "road to redemption," pointing to the quality time she was able to spend with her three children.

"Parang road to redemption pag nakikita ko 'yung mga anak ko, parang lumalakas ako, para ko silang vitamins... [I feel] reborn! Ai Ai reborn, lahat-lahat na! Resurrected! Kung anu-ano nalang," she told ABS-CBN News on Thursday.

In recent months, delas Alas and her former partner, businessman Jed Salang, made headlines when the actress broke down in a televised interview claiming she is a victim of domestic violence.

Delas Alas has since filed a case against Salang for violation of the Anti-Violence against Women and Their Children Act of 2004.

The former couple, who were married in a civil wedding on April 3 and separated on May 2, last faced in court on June 19.

Asked if she has completely move on from her failed relationship with Salang, the actress said, "Ay, waley, alam mo naman ako, made of wood, cement, ganyan, para akong bahay! Konting pahinga lang... Kumbaga, pag dapa, bangon ulit."

The "Tanging Ina" star, however, is now decidedly more cautious when it comes to relationships, saying she should start to be less trusting.

"Kaunting ingat and vigilance, and dapat stronger. Kailangan kasi! Problema ko talaga 'yan eh. Masyado akong trusting, 'yun ang problema ko talaga, kahit noon pa.

"[Kahit] huwag ito 'yung pag-usapan natin, 'yung nangyari sa 'kin ngayon. Kahit noon pa, 'yan nalang problema ko, hindi lang sa love life, sa maraming tao," she said.

Whereas before, delas Alas expected acts of kindness to go both ways, the actress said she has come to accept that not everyone would reciprocate.

"Kasi parang feeling ko lahat ng tao, kung ano 'yung ako, siya rin 'yon. Kung ano 'yung trato natin sa isa't-isa, kung mabait ako sa'yo, mabait ka rin. Hindi naman pala gonon, iba-iba pala ang klase ng tao. So 'yun 'yung sinasabi kong vigilance," she said.

Now feeling "re-energized," delas Alas said she is thrilled to resume work on the action-comedy film "Kung Fu Divas," wherein she co-stars with actress Marian Rivera.

Delas Alas will start promoting the movie, leading up to its nationwide release on September 25.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ai Ai delas Alas has a new suitor

Ai Ai delas Alas has a new suitor and this time he is a model by the name of Gio Salvador. He is a half-Italian half-Colombian. Gio Attended Ai Ai valentines concert and he even gave a flower to the queen of comedy. According to the news both of them met during a birthday of a mutual friend. Gio Salvador said that he kept on looking to Ai Ai and he chat with her. He said that Ai Ai is a nice, cool and fun.

Ai Ai delas Alas is in cloud nine these days because of Gio. Ai Ai was linked to Julio before who was a Mister Venezuela. She was also linked lately to GB Sampedro who was her director in a morning show. 

Gio said that he is serious about Ai Ai. Well I hope that Ai Ai will find a new love and be happy. She deserved to be happy after all. You see Ai Ai is not that beautiful but look who's courting. Luck Ai Ai.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Is Ai Ai Dating Again?

There is a new rumor that Ai Ai is in love again and she is dating the Ex of Candy Pangilinan. The guy is a director of Ai Ai and Ruffa in the morning show "Ruffa and I". GB Sampedro is the director of the defunct show which pair Ai Ai and Ruffa before.

Ai Ai is quick to depend that she is not dating anyone right now. The guy is just her best friend and a former director so there is no truth on it. She said that it is just a get together occasion.

When the Director was interviewed, he denied that he is courting the comedy queen. He said that if you are single everyone will speculate that anyone with you is your prospect. 

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ai Ai delas Alas got mad about Albert Martinez's Son

Ai Ai delas Alas
Ai Ai delas Alas got mad after learning that Albert Martinez son tweet about the last Metro Manila Film Festival awards that her movie is stupid. His son criticized the award giving body especially when Wenn Deramas won as best director for his "Tanging Ina" movie. Ai Ai said that the movie was the fruit of hardship and they tried their best to come up with the best movie. She said that it is not the movie but the respect for older people. Ai Ai is a friend of both Albert Martinez and Liezel. Ai Ai said that their son should learn how to respect older people.

Ai Ai has mixed emotion when she learned about the news from their son. It was learned earlier that Albert Martinez was snubbed by the jurors and was not even nominated as best director. On the other hand the director (Wenn Deramas) was disappointed by the tweet.

Here is the news taken from ABS-CBN:

Ai-Ai de las Alas surprised Sharon Cuneta at her birthday concert held at the Araneta Coliseum last Tuesday night (January 11). The Comedy Concert Queen performed a sexy and acrobatic dance number, saying that she was dedicating her performance to the birthday celebrant.

Ai-Ai is still overwhelmed by the box office success of her movie, Tanging Ina Mo: Last Na ‘To, which has already grossed P179 million. Ai-Ai expressed her gratitude to all those who supported her movie.

On the other hand, the comedienne expressed her dismay over the insulting statement of Alfonso Martinez—son of Albert Martinez and Liezel Martinez—which he posted on his Twitter account. Alfonso’s statement criticized the organizers of the Metro Manila Film Festival, because he was not satisfied with Wenn Deramas (Tanging Ina director) winning the Best Director trophy. Albert’s son also criticized Ai-Ai’s movie and described it as stupid. Albert was the director of another MMFF entry, Rosario, but the actor-director failed to get a nomination.

Ai-Ai said that she had mixed emotions when she read the message. “Halo-halo gulat, pagtataka, atsaka bakit kailangan niyang sabihin ‘yon?” she complained. “’Yun lang naman ‘yung akin, kasi pinaghirapan ang pelikula. Kapag wala kang masyadong alam tungkol sa industriya, I think wala ka namang masyadong karapatang magsalita ng ganon about stupidity.” The actress added that she did not like the “F” word that Alfonso used in his tweet. “Hindi ‘yun sinasabi ng isang taong nakapag-aral kaya nga ang sabi ko kaibigan ko si Liezel, kaibigan ko si Albert pero mas kaibigan ko si Liezel, sasabihin ko nga turuan n’ya ‘yung anak niya na gumalang sa matatanda.”

More than the movie, Ai-Ai pointed out that Alfonso should learn how to be respectful. “Hindi ito about the movie, about ito sa respeto mo sa kapwa mo. Hindi lamang respeto bilang tao sa industriya. Hindi ka magsasalita ng ganon.”

Liezel had apologized and justified that her son was just carried away by his emotions since his father was supposedly snubbed by MMFF. But Ai-Ai stressed, “Kahit na. Dapat pinapaliwanag nila sa anak nila na ang pagkatalo ay part ng buhay. Mga anak ko kahit matalo ako wala naman akong naririnig na ganun kaya siguro dapat i-guide ang mga bata.”

Asked if she tried to call up Liezel, Ai-Ai said that she does not know Liezel’s contact number anymore. “Pero dapat siguro personal siyang mag-sorry kay Direk (Wenn), tingin ko lang.”

Ai-Ai also defended Direk Wenn’s reaction on Alfonso’s tweet. She continued that it is normal that Direk expressed his disappointment with someone who does not see the whole picture. “Kasi hindi naman talaga maganda ‘yung statement and I think ‘yung mga tweet-tweet na ‘yan sana tigilan na ‘yung mga tweet-tweet na ‘yan kasi bukod sa negative siya, marami siyang sakit at away na nangyayari. Nag-aaway nagsasakitan, napaka negative, I think dapat itigil na lang ‘yan.”

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ai Ai wants to work with Oprah and Brad Pitt?

Ai Ai delas Alas
Really? I could not believe what I have read in a newspaper that Ai Ai after winning the Best Actress in the last Metro Manila Film Festival will want to work with famous celebrities in Hollywood? Is she dreaming or what?

Well of course Ai Ai delas Alas is just joking. She is in cloud 9 and said all of these things about working with Oprah and Brad Pitt. She even said that she want to include her lates film in Oscar. I am referring to "Tanging Ina" which garnered lots of awards. The film will be showned in some selected cities in United States this year.

Here is the news from ABS-CBN which I read:

MANILA, Philippines – If American talk show diva Oprah Winfrey knows what’s good for her, she would invite Comedy Queen Ai Ai delas Alas to be part of her newly launched OWN cable network.

In her interview with “The Buzz," delas Alas said, in jest, that “it will be good for you [Oprah], your business and your health” if she joins Winfrey’s new network.

The 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival best actress awardee made the statement after her manager and the show's host, Boy Abunda, told her that Winfrey might be scouting for new comediennes.

Still on cloud after her recent feat, delas Alas said she is now setting her eyes on Hollywood, especially that her award winning comedy movie, “Ang Tanging Ina Mo, Last Na ‘To,” will have an international screening at Milpitas Century Great Mall in California and Honolulu Regal Dole Cannery in Honolulu.

Delas Alas also invited Hollywood's power couple to her film's international screening. "I would like to invite Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in our international screening from January 7 to January 13," she said.

Delas Alas revealed she dreams of working alongside Pitt.

What if Jolie opposes the delas Alas-Pitt tandem?

"Sasabunutan ko siya. Bakit siya umaarte ng hindi tama. Sasabihin ko sa kanya, 'Bakit sa bansa namin, best actress ako.' Kapag sinabi niya, 'Ako, hindi.’ ‘O, tignan mo. Ako nga best actress, ikaw hindi," delas Alas joked.

She added: "Ito pa ang gusto ko. Gusto kong isali ang ‘Tanging Ina’ sa Oscars."

All of these were said in jest, of course. But for delas Alas, her Hollywood dream is not a far-fetched idea.


"With God, nothing is impossible" SAID Ai Ai.

What do you think guys?

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ai Ai delas Alas Won Best Actress

ai ai delas alas
Ai Ai delas Alas won best actress in the last film festival. The 35th Metro Manila Film Festival is full of controversy with its winners in different Categories. Ai Ai was very happy when she received the trophy. Many people are questioning about the double win of Dolphy who said that this will be his last movie. Some say that he won because of Sympathy but I like Dolphy though because is effective in Comedy and Drama.

Dolphy's "Father Jejemon" was also into controversy because of some part which is blasphymic to Catholic Church. He won Best Actor in this film and Best Supporting Actor in "Rosario", a classic film directed by Albert Martinez. Back to Ai Ai delas Alas, she won best actress in "Tanging Ina Last na to" and even if this is a comedy film I think she deserve to win because comedy acting I think is harder than drama. If you are not good it might turn out to be overacting. I saw also most of her movies and I think is really good Congratulations to you Ai Ai!!!

Most of the people or critics would say that Filipino Movies are trash and films which are honored abroad are ignored well maybe we Filipinos have different taste than other nationalities. We want to be entertained not to cry so we tend to enjoy shallow movies lol.

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