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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oscar 2011 Predictions

Oscar 2011 is now approaching and many people speculate or predict who will win Oscar Award in the coming celebrities stud ceremony. Many people are disappointed by previous results as we all knew. These disappointments are numerous but still Oscar is the best viewed award giving body in the world. It is like an Olympic or a Miss Universe telecast that everybody is waiting to witness.

One of the guys who revealed his predictions is Roger Ebert. He chose the "The King's Speech" as the best film of the year. For Best Actor he predicts that Colin Firth will take home the statue while Geoffrey Rush will take home the best supporting actor award. Tom Hopper who won best director earlier in directors Guide Awards will win the Best Director Award for the "The King's Speech" as well.

For Best Actress as what most people think who will win this year Roger Ebert also think that Natalie Portman will win it as a Ballerina in the film "Black Swan". Her performance as a perfectionist dancer who went mad in pursuit for perfection.

How about you? Who are your bet to win this coming Oscar Award? 

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