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Friday, February 4, 2011

Julia Roberts Now in Talks to Play Mean Queen in Brothers Grimm: Snow White

Julia Roberts who star in "Eat Pray Love" will play as the wicked or Mean Queen in the movie "Snow White". Yes the pretty woman will play as mean for the first time. I saw her as a fairy in Peter Pan but I like her in "My Best Friend Wedding" together with Cameron Diaz. She won Oscar Award in "Erin Brockovich". A film about a strong woman who exposed chemical contamination versus the a multi-billion company.

There is another film about Snow White with Kristen Stewart as Snow White while the mean queen is Charlize Theron. I like Charlize Theron too because she is a good actress in her own right. She is also an Oscar winner as best actress in "Monster". I am thrill about Julia Roberts playing the mean queen because I never saw her playing bad character since she started as an actress.

Well may the best win.

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