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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Plead not Guilty of Necklace Stealing

Lindsay Lohan who was in controversy lately because of necklace stealing plead not guilty. The controversial actress who was became famous as a child actress via "Parent Trap" is dress in white while attending the small court hearing. If Lindsay Lohan is guilty she will be in prison for three years. The 24 years old "Mean Girl" actress was seen walking out from a jewelry store in Los Angeles lately wearing the necklace.

Friends believed that the necklace that Lohan was wearing loan by the actress. Right now the necklace was handed to the police. She with packed courtroom hearing was televised.

Here is the rest of the article:

Lohan, dressed in a long-sleeved white dress and looking calm, was expected to be released on bail, set at $20,000, later on Wednesday after being booked and photographed by court officials.

Wednesday's felony grand theft charge was the most serious allegation yet against the actress in more than three years of failed drug tests, brief spells in jail and missed court appearances.

"You are no different than anyone else, so please don't push your luck," judge Keith Schwartz told Lohan, saying the felony charge was different from previous charges against her because it is considered a more serious crime with greater punishment.

Lohan is still on probation for a 2007 drunk driving and cocaine possession offense that has halted her once promising Hollywood movie career. If convicted of the theft charge, she would also be in violation of probation, which would mean even more jail time for the troubled actress.

In early January, she completed a court-ordered three month stint in rehab and appeared to have renounced a former lifestyle that revolved around night clubs and partying.

Lohan also faces possible criminal charges for an alleged attack on a worker while in her recent rehab at the Betty Ford Center in southern California. That case is under review by prosecutors.

The actress made her name as an 11-year-old in the Disney movie "The Parent Trap" and went on to have hits with "Freaky Friday" and "Herbie Fully Loaded".

But her seemingly constant legal troubles have prevented Lohan from reviving her career. Her latest stint in rehab cost her the lead role in a planned movie about 1970s porn star Linda Lovelace. Her last movie, the action comedy "Machete" released in September 2010, made just $26.6 million at U.S. box offices.

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sportsfan1981 said...

Lohan needs to do jail time NOW! She must learn that bad behavior has negative consequences.

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