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Friday, July 2, 2010

Meryl Streep Might Play Margaret Thatcher

Meryl Streep
Meryl Steep is my all time favorite actress and I am proud of it. She is the most nominated actress in Oscar and still counting. Right now is very busy in talks about playing Margaret Thatcher the former British Prime Minister. The movie title is “The Iron Lady” a biopic of the controversial Prime Minister. Meryl Streep is known to play many and different real life women.

Jim Broadbent is in talk too to play Thacher’s husband, Denis. If this deal is completed, the role of Thatcher will be the highest profile character yet tackled by Streep. Meryl Streep will reteam with the “Mamma Mia” director Phyllida Lloyd for this famous and long-governing former British Prime Minister.

Lloyd, a British theater director known for her work in the opera world, elicited energy and brought out youthfulness in Streep in her feature adaptation of "Mamma Mia!," which grossed more than $600 million worldwide in 2008.

I am always fascinated when I watched Meryl Streep Movies.

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