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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Fingernail Message

Lindsay Lohan
Here is a follow up news about Lindsay Lohan. I thought she is a nice girl. I thought she is the victim but look at what she has in her fingernail. She is crazy and I do not blame the paparazzi about what happened to her. It is her doing that made her a victim. I hopw she will mull inside the jail and change her life for the better.

This bitch has to learn a lesson. Staying in jail for 90 days is not enough with this kind of attitude. Many people wish that she will be punished or be bullied inside the jail. Fame and money can really make the person blind. She should follow what Drew Barrymore had done to her life. Look at her now, she is very successful and happy. As an artist they should set themselves as an example to young people. The young people always look up them as their model. Anyway have a nice three months vacation in the jail and be a new person when finishing your sentence.

Many famous individuals went to jail for crime they were committed but I think this is okay that going straight to the cemetery. At least in jail they still have time to fix their lives.

Lindsay Lohan reform yourself and have fun in the jail.

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