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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Arrest Save Tatum O'neal

One of my favorites Television stars is Tatum O'Neal who is the daughter of Ryan O'neal. Tatum won an Oscar award way back in the 70's for the film "Paper Moon", making her the youngest winner in Oscar Academy. The last young winner is Anna Pacquin in "The Piano" as supporting actress in the 90's. Holly Hunter won the best actress category.

Tatum O'Neal was good in Wicked Wicked Games and her latest in Television is Rescue Me. She was arrested in New York buying illegal drugs. She said that she was distraught over the loss of her dog which is a Scottish terrier. She also said after arrest that she was save by it from ruining her life. Seeing at the picture above, can you guess if she is a user or not.

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